Property Management Services

Property Management Services

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Basic Property Management Services

We provide property management services for single family homes, condos, multi-family residential, small commercial and industrial properties throughout the San Francisco Bay Area.  Services are customized for each property owner and may include:

  • Leasing – tenant screening, lease administration, vacancy management
  • Maintenance and repair (contracted to licensed vendors)
  • Monthly operating statements
  • Temporary property management services for owners on vacation
  • Interim property management services during periods of owner transition (e.g. probate)

Fees are customized to match the scope of work (charged as a percentage of rents, hourly, or flat monthly fee).

Problem Tenant Services

Confronting problem tenants can often be stressful and time consuming.  We provide support on an as-needed basis to immediately address tenant issues and implement solutions for problems that may include:

  • Frequent late payments or returned rent checks
  • Visual signs of property abuse and damage by a tenant
  • Visual signs of lease violations
  • Complaints from adjacent tenants or neighbors
  • Frequent calls to police from the tenant or from neighbors regarding the tenant
  • Suspicious activity on the property (smells, noises, frequent late-night visitors)

Our problem tenant services include:

  • Periodic unit inspections (Quarterly, Semi-Annual, Annual)*
  • Special circumstance unit inspections (in response to neighbor complaints, etc.)
  • Investigation of possible lease violations (e.g. property abuse, misuse or illegal activity**)
  • Collection of late rent payments
  • Preliminary eviction notices***
* This is a general inspection only.  Follow-up by a qualified property inspector or engineer may be required if significant damage is discovered.
** Signs of potential illegal activity, if any, will be noted with the recommendation that law enforcement be advised for follow up.
*** Preliminary notices to tenant only, formal eviction proceeding should always be conducted by an attorney.

Property Analysis and Profit Improvement

If you are considering the purchase of a rental property or already own one that you believe should be generating higher operating income, we help identify opportunities for rent adjustments, operational improvements, and overall profit improvement.  These services include:

  • Market rent analysis
  • Operating cost analysis
  • Profit improvement analysis and implementation

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